Embracing Mental Health Awareness Month

Together, we can bring the attention needed to embracing mental health, understanding the resources available to us and actually utilizing those resources as we become a better version of ourselves. 

Take Care of Yourself

Life has numerous ups and downs. Some are solvable on your own, but others not so much and you may need a little help. When your mental health acts up, seek the right treatment– such as through your EAP– and make yourself into a better version of you. When life is going well, celebrate the positive. Take time to share your experience with others to help them on their journey.

Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Check up on your friends and family. Many times, all people need is someone to lend an ear and listen to them. Support and encourage your loved ones through their successes and losses. Remind them of the resources that may be available to them.

Talk About Mental Health

One of the best ways to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month is by talking about it with your peers and loved ones. The stigma of mental health treatment is real, but can be overcome with all of our collective efforts. The more you talk about it, the more normalized it will become to get help.

For more Mental Health Month Resources, visit https://behavioralhealthsystems.com/mental-health-awareness-month-resources/

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