Richard Covington

Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Richard Covington is executive vice president & chief information officer (CIO) at BHS. Mr. Covington oversees all information technology aspects of the company including system administration as well as programming and development, eligibility maintenance and technical support.

Mr. Covington is the original author of many of the systems that BHS uses today and continues to make enhancements to better support BHS operations. He manages all interfaces between BHS and third parties, and is responsible for corporate data integrity, including Safety First development and maintenance. Additionally, Mr. Covington is responsible for ensuring BHS’ regulatory compliance including URAC guidelines.

Prior to BHS, Mr. Covington managed system development for U.S. government-funded clinical trial and drug research at Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD), a leading clinical research organization. He has held various other IT-related roles over his 35 years of experience.