Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

Culture & Self-Cultural Awareness

Culture includes people with common origins, customs and styles of living, who share a sense of identity and language. Their common experiences shape their values, goals, expectations, beliefs, perceptions and behavior. You identify with a culture that represents your experience, but so does everyone you come in contact with.

Workplace Diversity

Diversity is a mosaic of people who bring a variety of experiences, values, styles, preferences, backgrounds and beliefs as assets to the groups and organizations with which they interact. Some benefits of workforce diversity and cultural sensitivity include:

  • Allows for understanding of self and others
  • Creates a work environment that promotes acceptance
  • Provides multiple perspectives on problem solving
  • Produces better performance outcomes
  • Increases employee productivity and retention
  • Reduces complaints and grievances

We can all benefit from improved cultural sensitivity. Diversity increases company perspective, which improves employee happiness, client relationships, and products and services. Be accepting of those who may have different beliefs, behaviors, appearances, and capacities than you. The world works because of its multiple moving parts. All have a job to do, all are different, all are important.