Keep Calm and Color On

One of the hottest trends in stress management in the past year has been coloring books for adults. If you have not seen these, they often feature intricate black-and-white designs that are best completed with vivid colored pencils or fine markers. A recent search of Amazon returned 70,000 options to choose from. While parents have seen the calming power of coloring books for their children, the therapeutic benefits of this self-directed art therapy have only recently been discovered by thousands of adults.

Art therapy has a long history of being integrated into many other treatment approaches. It has been shown to reduce physical and emotional symptoms when used to treat stress. It has also been shown to be helpful for those struggling with PTSD, depression and anxiety. In a world that is filled with distractions, coloring therapy allows us to slow down, take a few deep breaths and focus in on a creative task that allows us to put aside our stress, even if just for a brief period of the day.

While not meant to replace traditional therapy and professional help, coloring therapy has shown to be a stress management strategy that can positively affect anyone. If you need a few minutes of peace and relaxation, get out your colored pencils and choose your colors.

If you are struggling with stress that feels out of your control, your EAP can help. Call your BHS Care Coordinator at 800.245-1150 to discuss your benefits.