Spring Cleaning For Your Mind

Spring is a great time of year to get rid of things we don’t need. Just as we clean out our homes, we can also tidy up our minds by removing racing thoughts or negativity. Just like old clothes, there is no reason to hold on to these thoughts.

Practice Mindfulness to help quiet your thoughts, relieve anxiety, and relax muscle tension. When you are stressed, it can be hard to focus on the present. If you’re struggling with racing thoughts, the idea of meditation might sound like a tall task. Focusing on your breathing for five, quiet minutes can prepare you to face the day or help you to have more restful sleep. Also, live in the moment by finding joy in simple pleasures. Be accepting of yourself, treating yourself the way you would a good friend.

Move Your Body to release stress, boost your mood, and improve health. Finding time for a new workout routine might seem hard at first. No matter the routine, you can also benefit from short bursts of activity. Find ways to sneak more movement into your daily life, like taking the stairs, parking further away at the office, etc.

Find Gratitude Many of our thoughts can be focused on the negative which can affect the way we feel. With practice, you can learn to change how you are thinking and feeling. Being grateful can help increase positive thoughts and attitudes. This helps us actually feel happier and enjoy better relationships with others. Finding gratitude can be as easy as reflecting each day for two-minutes on things you’re grateful for. Keeping a daily journal of your life’s small gifts can also help you appreciate them more.

With a new routine of regular movement, mindful breathing and a newfound sense of gratitude, your well-being will increase and you will reduce your anxiety, negative thinking and stress. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll clear out the mental clutter!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed in life, you can always turn to your EAP. Seeking professional help and discussing your emotions can lessen the intensity of sadness, anger, pain and stress. Call your BHS Care Coordinator today, at 800-245-1150, to discuss available options.