Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 7-13

According to Mental Health America’s latest data, 18% of adults have a mental health condition. This equates to over 43 million Americans. Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 7-13, serves to heighten awareness about the importance of positive mental health.

One in five Americans is affected by mental health concerns.

You probably go to the doctor when you aren’t feeling well physically, but may be more reluctant to seek treatment if you aren’t feeling well mentally. Your brain is an organ that needs to be taken care of, and your state of mind is fundamental to your being able to thrive in your day to day life.

56% of American adults with a mental illness will not receive treatment.

Due to limited access to care, stigma, or lack of faith in the treatment of mental illness, the majority of those who need treatment will not receive it.

Treatment works.

Long-term data shows that psychosocial interventions are highly successful and remarkably treatable. Treating your state of mind and mental health is more nuanced than treating your body, but all of it is highly treatable and necessary for overall wellbeing. In order to thrive, you must pay attention to your mental health as well as your physical health.

If you would like assistance with your mental wellbeing, your EAP is here to help. Your Care Coordinator can assist you by locating a provider appropriate to your specific needs, scheduling an appointment, and much more. Call your Care Coordinator at 800-245-1150.

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